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Polycom IP Phone

                                       Pakistan SIP IP Phone Polycom® VVX® Business Media Phones Portfolio

​                                          Pricing starting from Rs.3,999 for a traditional IP Phone in Pakistan.

​​​Polycom VVX 101

Home office or shared/common areas, such as lobbies, hallways and break rooms. 1 Line Phone

​​​Polycom VVX 201

 VVX® 201 business media phone is a two-line SIP for small businesses and medium-sized organizations phone that delivering Polycom® HD™ Voice technology.

Will I need to purchase a Polycom Lync license for a Lync Edition VVX Phone?

No. Lync Edition VVX phones come bundled with the required Polycom UCS Lync license. Keep in mind that this is separate from any Microsoft Lync licensing requirements. Customers will also need Microsoft’s Lync Plus CAL to use enterprise voice features. If you do not order the VVX phone with the Lync Edition VVX SKU, you must separately order the Polycom UCS Lync license.

Can I use an existing Polycom Lync License for a VVX phone (non-Lync VVX SKU)?

Some customers may have purchased “Unified Communication Software License for Unit(s) in Lync Environment” in bulk in anticipation of ordering more VVX phones in the future. You may use these Lync licenses for a VVX phone (non-Lync VVX SKU). If I have an existing VVX phone, can I use it within a Lync environment? If you already own a VVX phones or have existing non-Lync VVX SKUs in stock that you would like to use, to use these phones in a Lync environment you should order the Polycom Lync license listed in the price book as “Unified Communication Software License for Unit(s) in Lync Environment” under “Voice Applications”. Amtech Systems would prefer that if you are ordering new VVX phones to deploy with Lync, that you use the new Lync Edition VVX phone SKUs. It is easier for you to purchase and install them and Polycom is able to better measure Lync voice growth which also impacts our investment in Lync feature development.

What UCS software release will the “VVX Lync Edition” phones ship with?

As of November 1st 2014 Polycom began building the VVX Lync Edition phones with the Microsoft Qualified UCS 5.1.2 release. The new Lync SKU VVX models will start shipping in December 2014. The VVX Lync Edition phone when launched in June 2014 shipped with the most current Microsoft qualified release, which was UCS 4.1.5. Not every UCS release will be Microsoft lab tested and qualified, so there may be non-Lync Edition VVX phones shipping with a software release different than phones ordered with the Lync Edition VVX SKU. By ordering the VVX Lync Edition phone SKUs, you will ensure that your customers are installing a software release that is Lync qualified.

If I order VVX Lync Edition phone’s, can I be guaranteed that the software installed is the most current Microsoft Qualified UCS release?

Polycom cannot guarantee that a specified software release will ship on the Lync Edition phone ordered. There may still be stock in warehouses with the previous Microsoft Qualified UCS software release. If that is the case, follow normal release upgrade procedures. The latest Microsoft Qualified UCS software can be uploaded to the Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) server making the software release upgrade easy.

Is the Polycom UCS software that comes on the VVX Lync Edition phone the only software that will run on these phones?

Can I update the software to a later UCS software release? Microsoft only supports issue resolution on Microsoft qualified phones that have undergone and passed testing as defined by their Compatible Devices Program. Some customers may be willing to update the VVX phone to a later release to test or use newer features with the understanding that only Polycom support would be available for non-qualified (by Microsoft) releases. 

Polycom VVX

FAQ on Polycom VVX Series in Pakistan

Cheap IP Phone

Basics about IP SIP Phones in Pakistan

Amtech Systems leading sip ip phone in pakistan

Voice over IP FAQ: What is VoIP?

VoIP technology enables you to make and receive telephone calls over a broadband Internet connection instead of over a traditional phone line.

Voice over IP FAQ: How Does it Work?

With VoIP, voice traffic is converted into data packets and transmitted over the public Internet and/or over a private IP network. When you call a landline or cell phone number, the data packets are converted to a regular telephone signal before they reach the party you're calling.

Voice over IP FAQ: How is it Different from Unified Communications?

VoIP refers to a basic Internet-based telephony system. Unified communications is more advanced. Among unified communications' many advantages are sophisticated call center features; conferencing that combines voice, data, video and desktop sharing; and presence—the ability to instantly determine the availability of others within your company.

Voice over IP FAQ: What Equipment Do I Need?

For a basic VoIP system, all you need are a broadband Internet connection and a VoIP-enabled phone; a traditional phone connected to an adapter; or a computer with VoIP software.

Many businesses are now using VoIP and unified communications on their own private networks. Telephony systems residing on private networks have better security and quality than those that operate strictly over the public Internet. With VoIP or unified communications on a private network, you can prioritize voice over other types of traffic on your network, to ensure the best possible audio quality.

Voice over IP FAQ: What Are the Benefits?

Reduced local and long-distance charges
One network to manage for both voice and data, instead of two
Reduced travel costs--thanks to online conferencing—easy-to-use video calls, and other collaboration tools
Easily make adds, moves, and changes to the small business phone system as needed
Employees have more ways to stay connected and customers can reach them more easily
Take all of your phone system's features with you for use at home, at the office, or on the road

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Polycom VVX 500 Pakistan

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