buying guide for video conference solution in pakistan 

​​​​​​Buying Guide for Video Conference Solution in Pakistan

Buying a video conference solution is a country like Pakistan may be your worst experience if you chose the wrong solution or a vendor. The purpose of this article is to guide the good Information Technology Department or a buyer to select the best video conference solution.

Pre-Requisites before buying a video conference solution:

Approvals from Management & Budget Allocation: the typical budgetary price of a hardware solution for three sites is from Rs.1 million to 1.8 million. It must be noted that you should during the budgetary process plan for Rs.700,000-800,000 per site. (note: the cost would be 15-20% lower)
Display Units: LED, HDMI based Projector: If have LED or HDMI based projector, your video conference solution would work with the solution.
Network Allocation & PTA white listing approval: I always say, if you buy a Mercedes and you don’t put fuel in it, it won’t run. Bandwidth is the fuel for the hardware hence, it’s very important to secure and plan the right bandwidth to your would be video conference unit. Normally with now H324 protocols in newer breed of video conference solutions, the units had become bandwidth efficient.


Please ensure ideally that your network should be on a public IP. If you have a private IP do-not worry but you will not be able to dial out-site of your network without netting provisions within your network or get a specialized device called video border proxy (which configures both public and private IPs at a same time).


You should have at-least 512kps for HD calling for each unit. However we recommend having installed 2MB CIR at head-office and 1MB at branch office. (note: bandwidth cost has now decreased and you could buy 1MB from vendors from Rs.4000-6000/MB CIR).


PTA white-listing is very important for your video conference solution to work since PTA now blacklist IPs over both public and private networks. All you need to ask your ISP account manager to get whitelisted IP. Its free of cost and ISP would provide you with a stamp paper declaring that you would be using the IP for video conference only. (note normally ISPs account managers knows about it but there are some whom you need to force to get white-listed IPs).


Before you look for a video conference solution in Pakistan. Under the following:

Types of typical video conference users in your company:

Board Room – you would need video conference hardware with at-least 12x optical camera. You would need, hardware preferably a multipoint unit for head-office and single point units at branch office.  
 Desktop User – very important element in your strategy would be connect desktop users from laptop to pcs to connect to your video conference units in your board room to maximize ROI (return of investment) and leverage out of your video conference units.  
Mobile User – now tablets, smart phones could connect to your video conference units in your board rooms too. Your higher management would most probably be connecting to your board rooms via tabs, smart phones and laptops.

Types of video conference solutions?

Multipoint Conference Systems (MCUs) – typically connects via IP to from 4 to 100 sites in a single conference session.
Single Point or Endpoints - typically installed at branch offices should be 4x zoom depending on the size of the board room. 
Hybrid Solutions - the newer breed of video conference sessions from companies like Logitech which uses third party cloud video conference sessions.



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