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Polycom Realpresence vs Polycom HDX Comparison

This blog looks into the comparison between #Polycom's HDX #video #conferenceequipment versus Polycom #Realpresence Solution.

Polycom introduced Polycom Realpresence Group series replacing it's legendary Polycom HDX video conferencing solutions in 2014-2015. The idea behind launching #PolycomRealpresence video conferencing replacing Polycom HDX series was simple: to bring about a revolutionary new video experience and while most were skeptic about the new change.

However time proved Polycom right since Polycom Realpresence Series became one of the fastest selling #videoconference solutions in the world. Initially Polycom launched #Polycom #Group300 Polycom #Group500 and Polycom #Group700. However later Polycom launched #PolycomRealpresence #Group310 improving on Polycom Group 300 single point video conferencing solution.

The HDX & Group: So how do they compare?

Both the HDX and Group systems provide professional quality video, audio and data conferencing, with features including People + content, Lost Packet Recovery, and H.264 high profile support, with innovative technology that provides a UltimateHD quality resolution at 50% less bandwidth. Both solutions are also Microsoft Lync compatible and qualified, although this does require added licenses or infrastructure, depending upon the required integration. 

Let’s take a look at differences between two sets of comparable room based systems;  The HDX 7000 vs the Group 500, and the HDX 8000 vs the Group 700.

Group Series

HDX Series

Group Series Remote Control Smaller in dimensions, ligheter, less buttons


HDX Series Remote Control Could be confusing for some!

The Group Series

The HDX Series

Key Features Resolution1080p at 60fps  1080p at 30fpsMaximum Call Speed (Point-to-Point)6 Mbps  2 MbpsMicrosoft Qualification

Lync 2013/Skype for BusinessQualified

Lync 2010 Qualified

Embedded Multipoint

Group 500: Up to 6 sites

Group 700: Up to 8 sites

HDX 7000: Up to 4 sites

HDX 8000: Up to 4 sites

 InteroperabilityIP, RTV, H.264 High Profile/SVC IP, ISDN, RTV, H.264 High profile  Cameras

EagleEye IV and EagleEye III Camera Compatible

EagleEye III Camera compatible

Video Video Inputs

Group 500: 3 inputs

Group 700: 7 inputs

 HDX 7000: 3 inputs

HDX 8000: 4 inputs

Video Outputs

Group 500: 2 outputs

Group 700: 6 outputs

 HDX 7000: 2 outputs

HDX 8000: 3 outputs

 Audio Audio Inputs

Group 500: 4 inputs

Group 700: 9 inputs

HDX 7000: 5 inputs

HDX 8000: 6 inputs

Audio Outputs

Group 500: 2 outputs

Group 700: 2 outputs

HDX 7000: 1 output

HDX 8000: 2 outputs

Audio StandardsPolycom StereoSurround 22 kHz bandwidth with Siren 22 technologyPolycom StereoSurround 22 kHz bandwidth with Siren 22 technologyAcoustic Technology Innovations

NoiseBlock Technology Auto gain & suppression Live music mode Instant adaption Echo Cancellation Audio error concealment Siren Audio Lost Packet Recovery

Auto gain & suppression Instant adaption Echo Cancellation Audio error concealment Siren Audio Lost Packet Recovery Content Content Transmit1080p at 60fps 1080p at 30fps Content Receive1080p at 60fps 1080p at 30fps  Additional Features EagleEye ProducerYesNo EagleEye DirectorYesYes Touch ControlYesYes UC Board/Visual BoardYesYes SoundStation IP 7000 integrationYesYes Lost Packet RecoveryYesYesAPI supportYesYes Audio only line (POTS analogue)NoYes 

 In summary, the Polycom HDX Series has been a great solution for many customers, and still provides some features including ISDN/POTS that are key to organisations in government, judicial and public sector organisations. However, with a much improved look and feel, a more simple to use experience that is consistent across the whole Polycom portfolio, and better integration with solutions such as the Polycom Producer and Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business, the Polycom RealPresence Group Series provides the next step for organisations looking to greatly improve video conferencing and collaboration across their organisation.

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