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In the realm of modern agriculture, precision and efficiency are paramount. DJI, renowned for its innovative drone technology, introduces the DJI D9000i Generator, specifically designed to power the T30 Agras agricultural drone. This generator represents a pivotal advancement, offering farmers and agricultural professionals a reliable and portable power source to enhance the efficiency and productivity of their operations. Let’s explore the features and benefits of the DJI D9000i Generator in powering the T30 Agras drone.

Efficient Power Supply
The DJI D9000i Generator is engineered to provide a consistent and reliable power supply to the T30 Agras drone, ensuring uninterrupted operations in the field. With its high-capacity design and efficient fuel consumption, the D9000i Generator offers extended runtime, allowing farmers to cover larger areas and accomplish more in a single mission. This capability is crucial during critical phases of agricultural tasks, such as crop spraying, where timely intervention is essential for optimal results.

DJI D9000i Generator in Pakistan

Seamless Integration with T30 Agras
Designed for seamless integration, the DJI D9000i Generator interfaces directly with the T30 Agras drone, providing a plug-and-play power solution. The generator’s output is compatible with the drone’s charging system, allowing for seamless communication and synchronization. This integration ensures that farmers can power their Agras T30 drone directly from the generator, eliminating the need for additional power sources and streamlining operations in the field.

Portability and Versatility
The D9000i Generator’s compact and portable design makes it ideal for use in remote or off-grid locations where access to mains electricity may be limited. Its rugged construction ensures durability and reliability in harsh environmental conditions, making it suitable for a variety of agricultural settings. Additionally, the generator’s versatility allows it to power other equipment and tools on the farm, providing farmers with added flexibility and utility.

Quiet Operation
In addition to its efficiency and reliability, the DJI D9000i Generator boasts quiet operation, minimizing noise pollution and disturbance in agricultural areas. This feature is particularly beneficial for operations in residential areas or near livestock, where noise levels must be kept to a minimum. The generator’s low noise emissions ensure that farmers can carry out their operations discreetly and without disrupting the surrounding environment.

Enhanced Safety Features
Safety is a top priority in agricultural operations, and the DJI D9000i Generator is equipped with a range of features to ensure safe and reliable power supply. Built-in safeguards protect against overloading, overheating, and voltage fluctuations, minimizing the risk of damage to the generator and connected equipment. Additionally, the generator’s automatic shutdown function activates in the event of a fault or malfunction, further enhancing safety in the field.


Start Automatic electronic / pull start
Working temperature -20 ° C to 40 ° C
Maximum working humidity 95%
Rated engine speed 3600 RPM
Fuel type Gasoline 92
Engine oil SAE 10W-30
Fuel tank capacity 25 litres
Engine oil capacity 1.1 litres
Rated output CONTINUOUS CURRENT: 40-60 V / 120 A – 230 V
Load power 7200 W (60 V / 120 A)
Maximum motor power 9000 W
Maximum motor displacement 420 CC
Battery adapter T30 Intelligent Flight Battery
Fuel consumption (Charge from 30% to 95% ) 0.6 L / Per piece T30 Intelligent flight battery
Dimensions 610 X 520 X 625mm
Weight 65 kg


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DJI D9000i Generator for T30 Agras
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DJI D9000i Generator for T30 Agras

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