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Built-in 24-site multipoint and can be divided into two virtual meeting rooms• 1080P/60FPS and 12x optical PTZ camera
• H.265/HEVC video codec, 1080P from 512Kbps bandwidth
• Super video packet loss recovery technology, resistant up to 30%
• 5-inch touchable conference phone with harman kardon speaker
• Two DECT-based wireless expansion microphones
• Two HDMI output and two HD content input (HDMI + Mini-DP)

• Deeply integrate with leading cloud platforms:Yealink Cloud, Yealink Meeting 

  Server, StarLeaf,Pexip, Mind, Zoom and BlueJeans

Yealink Video conference solutions in pakistan

Budget friendly, high defination, quality video conference solution in Pakistan.

Yealink desktop and mobile software

Yealink VC 800 -1080p- 24 way multi point solution video conference equipment

Yealink VC 110 -1080p-point to point solution video conference equipment

Yealink VC-110 is an amazing video conferencing endpoint for huddle rooms or small board-rooms. Yealink VC 110 is distributed by Amtech Systems in Pakistan with an amazing budget friendly price. 

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Yealink YMS Video Conference Bridging Solution 

ideal for infrastructure development for video conference both on public IP and private IPs. Contact us now:

Yealink VC 500 - small room video conference unit

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Yealink VC 120 12x is a 8-Way HD Multipoint Video Conference Solution with 1080p high-defination resolution in Pakistan. 

Yealink T49 & T59 Series Phones for desktop Video Conference 

ideal for CEO, COO, GMs and even huddle rooms for video conference and audio VOIP. Connects 3 ways Video and 5 way Audio/Video

Yealink VC 120-12x 8-way multipoint Video conference equipment