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Logitech Cameras in Pakistan

Amtech Systems is a Logitech Video Conferencing authorized distributor for Pakistan & Afghanistan. We provide complete range of Logitech video conferencing solutions and cameras. Logitech Pakistan Cameras like Logitech Group, Logitech Meetup and other Logitech Cameras in Pakistan are distributed by Amtech Systems. 

The best part about buying from us is that you get free installation, SLA & Zoom free.

Logitech Group series is one of the fastest selling video cameras in Pakistan. 

Logitech Pakistan
Logitech Camera

Amtech Systems is the Logitech Video Conference Solution distributors in Pakistan & Afghanistan. We have variety of Logitech Products for board rooms, huddle rooms and other Logitech related solutions. Please be informed that Logitech Video Conferencing offers variety of solutions including Logitech Zoom Room Solution, Logitech Microsoft Teams Solutions and more. 

Logitech Video Conference Distributors, Resellers & Partner in Pakistan.

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Logitech Group

Logitech Group Camera

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With the rapidly changing and fast growing video conferencing market in Pakistan. The demand for high-quality but budget friendly video conferencing solutions are rapidly growing within enterprises for board rooms, conference rooms and huddle rooms in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, Quetta etc in Pakistan.

With Logitech Group Cameras and other budget friendly video conference cameras,  you could not afford enterprise grade video conferencing sessions without investing in high end video conferencing solutions. 

However you should remember that the Logitech Group Cameras or other logitech cameras are just a tool and the quality would vary depending on the unit or laptop, pc it is attached too along with the software. Amtech Systems highly recommends using Zoom US video conferencing software with Logitech cameras for best results. We will provide great discounts on the combination. Logitech Group comes with expansion mics as add-ons and are a replacement of Logitech CC3000e a prior Logitech video conference unit which had been replaced by the newer Group Cameras.

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