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AI powered white board setup for Logitech.


Elevate your video conferencing experience to new heights with the Logitech Scribe, a cutting-edge solution brought to you by Amtech Systems, your trusted distributor for Logitech video conferencing solutions in Pakistan.

Key Features:

  • Whiteboard Integration: The Logitech Scribe seamlessly integrates with your traditional whiteboard, capturing every stroke and detail with unparalleled precision. Share ideas on a physical whiteboard, and let Scribe transform it into a dynamic, digital collaboration space.

  • Crystal-Clear Imaging: Say goodbye to blurry images and subpar video quality. The Logitech Scribe delivers crystal-clear imaging, ensuring that every participant is seen with exceptional clarity, making your virtual meetings as engaging as in-person interactions.

  • Panoramic View: With its wide-angle lens, the Logitech Scribe captures the entire room, ensuring that every participant is visible. No one gets left out, fostering inclusivity and collaboration.

  • AI-Powered Autofocus: Enjoy hassle-free presentations with the Scribe's AI-powered autofocus feature. Move around the room, and let the camera intelligently adjust, keeping you in focus and your content sharp.

  • Logitech RightSight™: Let technology work for you. RightSight™ automatically adjusts the camera to frame participants, providing a dynamic and optimized view, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

  • Flexible Mounting Options: Whether mounted on a wall or placed on a table, the Logitech Scribe offers versatile installation options to suit your meeting space, ensuring maximum adaptability.

Why Choose Logitech Scribe from Amtech Systems?

  • Authorized Distributor: Amtech Systems is your authorized distributor for Logitech video conferencing solutions in Pakistan. Rest easy knowing you're receiving genuine products with full warranty support.

  • Expert Support: Our team at Amtech Systems is dedicated to providing unparalleled customer support. From product selection to post-purchase assistance, we are here to ensure your video conferencing experience is seamless.

Upgrade your meeting room with the Logitech Scribe, available now through Amtech Systems. Transform the way you collaborate, share ideas, and connect with teams around the globe. Order your Logitech Scribe today and embrace the future of video conferencing.

Logitech Scribe

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