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Our product Interactive Smart Boards in Pakistan reviewed by Toukir 


Smart Interactive Boards

Smart Boards in Pakistan

Interactive Touch Boards are mostly used in educational institutions. If you are looking for a board we have in stock from brands like Smart Tech, Specktron, Promethean boards in Pakistan. Get free demos



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Interactive Touch LEDs

Interactive Touch LEDs in Pakistan

Amtech Systems provides top of the line interactive touch leds, interactive displays from top brands like Samsung, TCL, Sony, Specktron, LG, Orient in Pakistan. Interactive Touch LEDs are used for board rooms.



Interactive Projector.jpg

Interactive Touch Projectors

Interactive Touch Projectors in  Pakistan

Interactive Projectors are the newest technology in Pakistan. It's a complete solution which creates 110" interactive screen on any flat surface. Ideal for large class rooms and for displays.



Smart Board
Interactiv Smart Board Pakstan

We received positive feedback from Mr.Toukir who purchased product Smart Doard from our pakistan on December 31,2021.

Amtech Systems provides complete smart interactive board solutions in Pakistan. While Smart Interactive Boards are gaining popularity, it's important to understand that Smart Interactive Board itself would not help but would need a multimedia projector, complete teachers training and Smart Notebook software to function optimally

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Smart Notebook

download millions of lessons, make quiz, customized content, make your curriculum interactive with hundreds of other functions. 

Comprehensive Teachers Training

Amtech provides complete teachers training and certification so you could completely utilize smart interactive products which also empowers your teachers which we provide certification.

2 Years Local Warranty & Free Installation

Smart Board by Interactive Touch LEDs and Panels in Pakistan 


Interactive Touch LED, Interactive Panels or Touch TVs in Pakistan had been introduced by Amtech Systems. We provide complete range of interactive touch panels, leds and TVs with brands like Samsung, TCL, LG, Sony, Sharp etc. Interactive Touch LEDs are mostly used in conference rooms,educational institutions, training rooms and had been proved to be greatly effective thanks to collaboration tools.

Touch TV LED
Interactive Projector.jpg

Interactive projector

make 110" Screen

4000 lumens

wxga with wifi

amazing value for money

Interactive Projector
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