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Polycom in Pakistan

Amtech Systems is the Polycom Gold Partner and Distributors in Pakistan & Afghanistan. Polycom is one of the best Unified Communication, Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing Solution provider in Pakistan. Amtech Systems provides all kind of Polycom solutions in Pakistan & Afghanistan and had won multiple awards as partners, value added distributors of unified communication and video conferencing solutions around the world........

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Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions in Pakistan


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Polycom Realpresence Group 310

Polycom Realpresence Group 310 is a single point Polycom video conference solution in Pakistan. It supports native skype for business and is an ideal solution for small or medium board room.

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Polycom Realpresence Group 500

Polycom Realpresence Group 500 is a 6-way multipoint video conference camera in Pakistan. Its one of the world's most sold out video conferencing solution. Free Demo Now.

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Polycom Realpresence Group 700

Polycom Realpresence Group 700 is a the best video conference solution for large rooms and auditorium which connects 8-way Multipoint. Its available in Pakistan with free demos.Book free demos now.

Polycom Video

Poly Studio X series is an amazing extension to Polycom's video conferencing portfolio. With the introduction of Polycom Studio X series, Poly (which is the name for Polycom Inc. as it has been brought by Plantronics), Poly Studio brings best of both worlds allowing people to enjoy stable IP based calls apart from connecting USB to connect cloud solutions like Zoom, Bluejeans, Microsoft Teams, etc and that too in 4K resolution with minimum bandwidth. Poly X series also connects your content wirelessly in board rooms which means you do -not have to spend extra on third party content sharing solutions like Barco or any other devices. Poly Studio X series various models marketing and distributed by Amtech Systems in Pakistan & Afghanistan. 


Amtech Systems is an award winning Polycom Gold Partner and video conferencing vendor in Pakistan and Afghanistan. We have experience of 8,000+ video conference & unified communication installation experience spread over 8 years in the market. 

Amtech Systems and Polycom has partnered for amazing discounts, services and free video conferencing demos for Polycom Realpresence Group, Polycom HDX series with various video conferencing exchange offers to various Polycom Support Plans in Pakistan and Afghanistan

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Polycom Video Conference are unique in the world apart from 68% of Pakistani video conference market share. Amtech Systems remains the number video conference solution provider with 74% of video conference shareholder with hundreds of solution backed by best pre-sales team and after-sales of video conference solutions. 

With Polycom Realpresence which replaced Polycom HDX, Polycom VSX and Polycom FX series all of them Polycom legacy products. Polycom Realpresence represents the next generation of video conference solution backed by low-bandwidth consumption, skype for business (microsoft lync) & IBM same-time native connectivity, true high-definition realpresence video apart from many other propriety Polycom features.


Polycom in Pakistan had been introduced by Amtech Systems with over 4000+ Polycom installation and other value added services.

Amtech Systems is both Polycom distributor, partner in Pakistan.


Q: How much are the Polycom video conference cost?

A: Amtech Systems provides amazing discounts backed by local warranties for all Polycom products. So you would be paying less than sometime Chinese products for Polycom for the maximum value.

Q: Which video conferencing solution is right for me in Pakistan?

A: Amtech Systems provide complete pre-sales and free demo and first we look at your board room, requirement and only then we could suggest the right solution for you.

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