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Cheap low-cost Best Video Conference Solutions in Pakistan

This blog tells us about #low #cost #videoconference solutions in Pakistan.

Lets admit it, #videoconferencing solutions are one of the most expensive investment one makes in a company's IT infrastructure. Video Conference Solutions proves to one of the most cost-saving, time-saving and productive tool for any other company in Pakistan or in the world.


These are some of the low cost, cheap #videoconferencingsolutions in Pakistan.

Zoom US

#Zoom US video conferencing software

cost: Rs.50,000-200,000 (depending on price plan)

Zoom US video conference solutions is one of top cloud video conference solutions in the world. However, please know that it is a software-only and you would need an additional hardware with Zoom.


Logitech Group Video Conferencing Solution in Pakistan.
Logitech Group

#Logitech #Group Video Conference Camera

Cost Rs.165,000-220,000 (depending on configuration) in #Pakistan

#LogitechGroup vide conference has slowly but surly had become one of the top contenders for quality video conferencing solutions. However, it's quality would depend on the system it is attached too. Logitech has come up with various video conferencing solutions however, they all remains system dependent which remians a show stopper while with a NUC the cost shots up to another Rs.100,000.


#Yealink #VC200 Video Conference Solution

(Rs.180,000-240,000 in Pakistan)

Yealink VC 200 video conference solution
Yealink VC 200

Yealink is one of the leading quality provider of video conference solutions and has launched probably one of the best and budget friendly video conferencing solution. This is an android based H323 video conferencing unit ideal for medium and small board rooms. It's a complete stand-alone video conference unit.


Polycom Realpresence Debut

(priced from Rs.250,000-300,000 in Pakistan)

Polycom Realpresence Debut is one of Polycom's (leading video conferencing endpoint supplier) huddle room or small room video conference solutions for board rooms. Polycom Debut comes with H323/SIP enabled platform with additional microphone and 4x digital zoom.

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