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Logitech Group vs Poly Studio X in Pakistan

#Logitech #Group is one of the fastest selling #videoconference solutions in the world while #Poly (former #Polycom) has it's own Poly #Studio X a #usb based video conference solution. In this blog we will compare the two.

Logitech Group which sells for Rs.225,000 (without additional microphones) in Pakistan while #Poly #Studio sells for Rs.300,000 in the market are close competitors. However in terms of technology Poly Studio beats Logitech Group with it's advance feature like, #noise #block (which blocks non-human voice like sirens; #video or #frame #tracking (which automatically detects faces and zoom ins and out to make the best picture without the need of a remote control) etc. However while Poly Studio X beats Logitech Group for small #board #room integration, Logitech Group is a cheap, reliable machine which covers your medium board room of around 12 people within your budget.

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