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Huawei Ideahub, Microsoft Surface or Yealink Meeting Board? in Pakistan

We had recently seen a newer trend in the video conferencing space around the world. After all the PTZ buzz and newer companies launching their video conferencing bars, we now are seeing an all in one #video #conference #interactive #touch boards and screens and #Pakistan is no exception.

In this article we will analyze and compare with pricing which #meeting board or video conferencing #screen should you choose and why?

Huawei Idea Hub

Huawei Idea Hub comes with 65 inch and 86 inch video screens equipment with 4k video conferencing bar and touch screen powered by Ci7 Intel NUC. The pricing for Huawei Idea Hub 65 inch is from Rs.850,000-1 Million while 86 inch comes with the price tag of Rs.1.6 million and Rs.2 million PKR.

However it is to be noted that Huawei because of it's brand name would always be a risky product because being a banned equipment in most of European and North America markets.

Yealink Meeting

Yealink is one of the leading companies in the world with a good reputation since it had beaten Cisco in IP game. In 2021, Yealink launched via Amtech Systems, Yealink #distributor it's #Yealink #Meeting #Board in #Pakistan. Yealink Meeting Board which comes in 65 inches is a cost effective and a better solution than Huawei Ideahub because of primarily quality, worthiness of brand and features companied. Yealink Meeting Board provides 4K camera with AI sound for video conference sessions apart from features like wireless content sharing and capacitive touch screen powered by Intel. Yealink Meeting Board also natively integrates with #zoom #microsoft #teams in #Pakistan. #Amtech #Systems provides #Yealink #MeetingBoard for as low as Rs.750,000 only.

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