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Guide to buy Video Conferencing Solutions in Pakistan

Buying a #videoconferencing solution in a country like #Pakistan could be one of the most difficult choices because of lack of information and many brands, few vendors and the costs associated with it.

Video Conference Brands Available in Pakistan

There are many video conference brands in Pakistan and available in the world however before choosing a #videoconferencingsolution one must not experiment strictly. Think of like buying a car, would you want to buy a car from a manufacturer who has no offices, no spare parts and no after-sales services in Pakistan? No. Right, so here the brands for #videoconferencing solutions in Pakistan:

1. #Polycom has 64% market share in the world and has over 62% market share in #Pakistan.

2. #Yealink is an affordable video conferencing solution which has gained 14% market share in #Pakistan.

3. #Huawei has only 3% share in Pakistani market which has shown poor performance in video conference solutions due to connecting issues with most video conferencing solutions.

4.#Lifesize has reduced it's market share in Pakistan and globally and recommended not to buy.

5. #Logitech #cameras are gaining popularity in #Pakistan and around the world but has drawbacks since it needs a laptop to function.

6. #Cisco bought a company called #Tandberg and has failed to capture video conference and #telepresence space in the world.

7. #Aver Video has less than 1% market share in #Pakistan.

8. #Grandstream #videoconferencecameras has less than 0.1% share in #Pakistan.

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