How to design your conference board room in Pakistan

How to design your #conference room in #Pakistan

If you are looking to make a quality board room or a conference room in Pakistan. Here are some expert tips from Amtech Systems, the largest IT distributors and solution providers from over 2000+ board room installation experience. Get free advice from professional for your board room integration and designs now. Email: or call 0345-8204121

Goodbye Offices If you’ve been to any modern company in the world for the past few years, you’ve probably noticed one thing: private offices have disappeared, even for many executives, replaced by open configurations of sitting and standing desks. There is a hard reality behind the reconfigurations: real estate costs have risen, leading to a significant drop over the past 15 years in the square footage dedicated to each employee.

Hello Conference Rooms - Keep Conference Rooms Smaller At the same time, there is increased demand for video and web conferencing due to collaborative work practices and an increasingly remote workforce. Conducting a video conference in an open plan #workspace is disruptive to your colleagues. Thus, private rooms become necessary for collaborative teams in open plan offices.Unsurprisingly, there has been an explosive growth in private collaboration spaces. Fifty-percent (50%) of companies have redesigned office space for more conference rooms. Of these conferencing spaces, there is a particular growth in huddle rooms – small, private collaboration rooms designed for a couple of employees to “huddle together” in a working meeting. The Naked Conference Room Many of these #huddle rooms are outfitted simply with a speakerphone and a couple pieces of furniture. They’re practically naked technology-wise. However, there is an increasing expectation among today’s workers that collaboration spaces should be outfitted with more of the technology they use to work. As video conferencing usage continues to grow in the enterprise, it becomes an expected technology in any collaboration room. Toss Out Your Old Playbook… If you’re in IT or AV, you probably know how to build a legacy video conference room. Call your AV integrator, and a couple hundred thousand dollars and a few months or weeks later, you’re up and running (even if the room sits empty…more on that soon). This playbook isn’t going to work for your future huddle and conference rooms for two reasons:First, we’re talking about a lot of rooms here, not just one boardroom. Outfitting a conference room with video technology can cost as much as Rs.1 million. Board Room Essentials Lightings - must be moderate and combination