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USB based video conference solutions in Pakistan

Recently, we had seen a sudden rise of USB based video conference systems around the world and in Pakistan particularly. USB based video conference system as oppose to traditional stand-alone video conference unit is supported by an external codec (i,e a laptop, computer or a NUC) as opposed to it’s own codec.

The rise of USB video conference solutions primarily had been because of higher cost stand-alone video conference as oppose to USB based conference solution however, USB has it’s down side too.

Logitech initially came up with it’s USB based video conference system with the likes of Logitech Group for small and medium size board rooms & Logitech Rally / Logitech Rally plus for large size halls and conference rooms while Polycom (now Poly) Studio has launched its great 4K enabled usb and IP based video conference solutions recently.

Here’s some PROs & CONs of USB Video Conference Solution

USB Based Video Conference Stand-alone IP based video conference solutions

no dedicated IP requires dedicated IP

video Stability if not ideal due to external codec video Stability in 4K and very stable

less expense higher cost

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