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Ceramic 3D Printer Full Color Touch Screen Multiple Accessories Color Touch Screen Linear Actuator Linear Guide Rail.

Now we present a truly next-generation ceramic printer, the Fayue has arrived. Eazao is easy to use, produces brilliant ceramics, and features all the upgrades that our community asked for. Get ready for an incredible ceramic 3D printing experience that turns your home into a custom pottery studio.


Fayue is ready to use out-of-the-box, the whole machine arrives fully assembled. That means you don’t have to waste time reading manuals and putting parts together. Simply take it out of the box and let your creativity go wild!

  • Ultra-Stable Cartesian Structure

The Fayue has been upgraded with a Cartesian structure system that precisely coordinates the location of the print head by way of a system of rails that have more rigid axes than typical Delta system printers. This rigid system means fewer printing errors and it produces a better surface finish than prints from a Delta printer so that your creations have finer details and texture.

  • A Faster Printing Speed

Fayue can print faster than the previous generation with a maximum print speed of 40mm/s. Get done faster with Eazao and move on to your next design!


  • No Air Compressor Needed

Rather than an air compressor which typically drives the clay in typical ceramic printers, an electric push rod was adopted for use in Cerambot Eazao, resulting in safe and super stable printing that is suitable for multiple printing materials and less setup.


  • More Fun Times & Easy To Use

Cerambot Eazao is a fun craft tool and perfect activity for families. You can DIY together with your kids and partners. Arts and crafts will help kids improve their coordination and fine motor skills, help them to express themselves and become more creative. Put down the TV remote and enjoy quality family time together.

Ceramic 3D Printer Full Color Touch Screen Multiple Accessories Color Touch Scre

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