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Poly (Ex- Polycom) vs Logitech Video Conference. Which is better?

Does Poly (Ex-Polycom) which had been the leading video conference space for a decade and a half has lost its steam? Has Poly (#Polycom) turned into a nokia? after #Plantronics take-over? We all know that there had been serious issues with Polycom and it's management over the years especially with initially accepting Siris backed Mitel deal and backing out from it Well one of the reasons why #Poly (Polycom) has lagged behind was it's over reliance on video conference hardware as opposed to investing in #cloud based video conference #usb #video #conferencing solutions. Here's where #Logitech has capitalized on the market when Polycom was relying on hardware, Logitech's growth led by Simon Dudley after initially buying off #Lifesize & later dumping it for obvious reasons. The Logitech knew that the video conference hardware because of #Zoom #Bluejeans has changed from IP based video conferencing to cloud based video conferencing solutions. And that's the mantra which beat Polycom in it's own game by relatively a newbee in corporate video conferencing solution by Logitech.


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